Logo Identity and Branding Projects

Logo design and business cards for this company specializing in

intelligent packaging solutions

Logo identity, website and business stationary developed for this team of cleaners.

Logo identity, website and signage designed for this Pharmacy at Rancho Springs Medical Center.

The logo was developed to look similar to the medical center's identity, while using imagery based on pharmaceutical compounding.

Logo identity and stationary designed for this health and food safety company.

A logo design I created as an option (never used) for the Bellevue Club, while I was employed as in-house designer.

I used the logo in this web design as part of an assignment to create a business website in my Adobe Dreamweaver class as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

The lead designer of new media at came to me to help come up with logo design concepts for a new branch of, called "Endless".

A logo concept design that was ultimately not chosen for the final. This shows the concepts of the letter F in Free and the negative space of the cross. The brown helps to reinforce the cross motif.

I came up with this fictional design and company when I saw a plane high in the sky, glinting in the sun. I was in the process of choosing paper and reminded me of paper lint.

I used the logo in a web design while learning HTML/CSS at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

A fictional engineering company logo design. The symbol utilizes elements of a bolt, a letter "J" and design insertion points.

I used the logo in a web design while learning Adobe Director at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

This logo was a concept challenged by the Art Institute to make a treatment based on the name for a fictional ice cream company, combined with a slogan.

I used the logo in a poster design for an Adobe Photoshop class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

John Forsman has been brewing his own beer for years now. After entering many competitions, experimenting with brewing techniques and growing weary of his day job, he came to me for this logo design. He wanted something that he could use for his bottled brew in competition and also plans on opening his own brew pub.

I used the logo design in this fictional website design. I created this site as a Senior project while attending The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division.

A colleague of mine from my days at the Bellevue Club came to me needing a political logo. His brother was an Army Ranger and is now involved in politics, and was running for Congress.

This logo was designed for an upcoming financial institution in Seattle. Using the dot of the "i" for the keystone and the swoosh of the bridge as the connector for the "e" bridging the two words together.

This logo was discovered in my portfolio by an Australian company who wanted to use it for their new café!

Logo design for the Terrance group, a real estate brokerage firm. Unfortunately this was not the chosen design as part of a design contest. But, I liked what I had come up with here.

This is a logo concept for a bar and restaurant located in Seattle's Fremont area. The shape of the building is a triangle which sits on an island in the middle of three roadways, which lends to its name and this logo design.

Originally this design was one of the concept ideas for the Bellevue Club, however everyone thought that it looked like a candy or a coffee company logo, and so I went with that idea and transformed it into this fictional candy company logo.

Winning logo design for The University of Washington's Husky Marching Band Alumni Associaion Logo and Media Package Contest.

This alternative horizontal design was also created.































Hi, my name is Steven Klock


I have been working as a designer for about 20 years and have been involved in some form of art since I was young. I realized at an early age, my talents in art, drawing, and painting, and so decided to follow a career as an artist.


In 1992, I began studies at the Art Institute of Seattle with a focus on graphic design, but my education also included advertising and illustration. I graduated from the Art Institute in 1994 from the Visual Communications program. Following graduation, I worked in print shops for several years, doing everything from bindery and production, to both traditional and digital pre-press. While doing this, I focused on improving my fine art skills and had several art exhibitions in various venues of downtown Seattle.


Later, I landed a Graphic Artist position at a 24-hour cable news station, NorthWest Cable News (Belo/NBC). And, over the years I've gained expertise in design, art,  print and web production. My experience has led me through several opportunities, including a position as an in-house graphic designer for the prestigious Bellevue Club in Bellevue, WA and my current position as Sr. Graphic Designer for Bourns, Inc. in Riverside, CA.


In mid-2007, I moved with my wife and kids from beautiful, albeit cloudy, Seattle to sunny Southern California for better job opportunities and began work on a Bachelor's Degree in Web and Interactive Media from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh's Online Division, which I completed in September of 2013.

Art Institute of Pittsburgh

(online division)

Bachelor of Science Degree

Web Design & Interactive Media

Alumni, September 2013

Art Institute of Seattle

Associate of Applied Arts Degree

Visual Communications

Alumni, September 1994




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